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A photo of DashRunning Coach, Ryan Bourdo.
A photo of DashRunning Coach, Ryan Bourdo.

I used to hate running. And I was bad at it. So bad that I was awarded "Most Improved Freshman" my Junior Year. But something changed as I kept running. It became fun? And calming? And necessary for my mental well-being???


Eventually, I started training for my first marathon. However, I had to quit after 18 miles. Turns out, running your first marathon at 4,000 feet of elevation in August isn't the best environment to succeed. But I was determined. A week later, I ran 26 miles just to prove to myself that I could do it. In 2021, I ran my first 50K. However, my absolute proudest race was the half marathon my sisters and I completed together.  

It was their first half marathon and they trained their butts off! It was amazing to watch them complete a goal that seemed so daunting at first. That was the race that inspired me to become a coach. DashRunning is the culmination of my experiences as a runner, physical therapist, and general dork for running research. I want to help you achieve your own goals in a way that is sustainable, effective, and fun!


Ryan Bourdo (he/him)


Portland, Oregon

Educational Background

B.S. Biology and Human Physiology

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach

Notable Races

Cascade Lakes Relay Race

Barrel to Keg Relay Race

Secret Beach 50K

The Basics:


Mission Statement

Dashrunning allows runners to run with the best information possible and unwavering support to sustain a positive relationship with the sport they love.

Core Values

Be curious.

I value how much I don’t know. It enables me to seek opportunities to grow and better understand the world. Staying curious prevents assumptions and invites meaningful questions.

Bring the Chaos.

I value uncertainty and questioning the status quo. It breeds a better understanding of systems and best approaches towards a goal. It forces the solution to be determined by solid values rather than rote solutions.

Everyone in the pool.

I value creating relationships with others. I constantly seek out other experts around me. It allows a better pool of knowledge and resources for those who do not have a team of their own. It is how new ideas are made, and plans are executed well.

Be the nicest in the room.

I value optimism and the power of enduring positivity. Putting positivity into the world is a choice I make every day. It allows me to build upon strengths and avoids dwelling on weaknesses.

Keep it simple. Keep it fun!

I value refining the fundamentals while ensuring creativity thrives. Simplicity allows more accessible communication and understanding of basic needs. When variation is needed, staying creative allows better specificity to the situation.

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