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Year 1 Reflections

It has been one year(ish) since I started DashRunning, and it has been an exciting journey so far. I started DashRunning because I wanted a space to talk about this sport with others and our collective journeys

with it. It has also been a way to learn more about running-related injuries and help others avoid the typical training pitfalls. In this regard, I have done an OK job so far. What I have learned the most from running a coaching business this year is that creating meaningful content is hard! It has been super easy to develop creative and funny (I think anyway) posts, but whenever I tried making something that demonstrated my beliefs or values, it always took 3x’s the effort to write something. And ostensibly, they should be the easiest to write!

That has been one of my biggest goals for the next year of DashRunning: To give a better sense of myself and what I believe is essential in running and training for it. I don’t know any KPI to help me track that, but oh well. That is partially why I am trying to make more blogs and newsletters give people a chance to get to know me better. One of the most fun things about starting DashRunning has been reflecting on my values with the sport and trying to distill them into my mission statement and core values. So, being able to find ways to communicate more with gestures to you and everything around you will be my next significant step in this business.


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