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Do I need a baseline level of running before needing a coach?

No! One of the main reasons why I love running is that it is a simple (but not easy!) sport to start. I plan to lower the entry barrier to high-quality, researched-based training for runners, no matter your experience!

Can I seek physical therapy treatment at DashRunning?

While a physical therapist, I do not treat anyone with a running-related injury at DashRunning.

Do I need specific equipment or apps for training?

I use Training Peaks to write out and deliver your training schedule. Other than that, the training will not require specific equipment. 

What types of strength training will I be doing?

I generally prefer simple bodyweight exercises. Some equipment may be helpful, but I can be flexible with what folks already have.

How long are training plans?

As long as you want! I am here for you and your goals. People commonly sign up for specific periods to train and take breaks in the off-season.

Did someone actually ask these questions, or did you make them up to further explain DashRunning? question, please. 

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