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Engineering Intelligent Runners

Because you need a coach who will adopt the latest research to ensure you reach your goals on your time.


My name is Ryan Bourdo (he/him)

And I despised running growing up, but it is now one of my favorite pastimes! It has helped create structure and wellness in my life. I know it can do the same for you. Because I also recognize the anxieties that often accompany running, I want to enable you to have a positive relationship with the sport and yourself as you progress toward your goals.


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Mission Statement

Dashrunning allows runners to run with the best information possible and unwavering support to sustain a positive relationship with the sport they love.

Core Values

Be the nicest in the room

I value optimism and the power of enduring positivity. Putting positivity into the world is a choice I make every day. It allows me to build upon strengths and avoids dwelling on weaknesses.

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