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Training Plans

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  • PersonalBest

    Every month
    +$35 Setup Fee
    Reaching your goals efficiently and effectively.
    • Weekly Email Check-In's
    • Biweekly Phone Check-In's
    • Basic Training Peaks Subscription
  • AdvancedSkills

    Every month
    +$35 Setup Fee
    Reaching your goals with advanced analytics.
    • 2x/week Email Check-In's
    • 1x/week Phone Call Check-In's
    • Premium Training Peaks Plan
Full detailed plan breakdown can be found here.

What every plan receives:

In-person Intake Session

The initial intake session is where you share your life story and goals. Your other commitments will help me create a personalized schedule.

Personalized Training Plans

You can expect a personalized running and strength training program designed based on your performance assessment, objectives, and expertise.

In-person Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation will determine your fitness levels through various tests, helping me decide the best exercises for your training.

Phone and Email Check-Ins

Each month, we will talk via email or phone to discuss your training progress and make necessary adjustments to optimize your plan.

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Annual Training Plan

Your annual training plan will be based on the Intake Session and Performance Evaluation, outlining steps to achieve your running goals for the year.

Biweekly Training Updates

Every two weeks, you will receive a customized training schedule based on your performance and upcoming obligations through Training Peaks.

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